The Baldwin Library supports the academic community through research and scholarly endeavors both within and outside the University of Florida. Below is a list of dissertations and theses written between 2001-2012 using materials from the Baldwin Library.

If you would like to use the Baldwin Library for your dissertation, please do not hesitate to contact lib-Baldwin@ufl.edu.

Dissertations and Theses


Jimenez, Marilisa, PhD. “’Every Child is Born a Poet’: The Puerto Rican Narrative within American Children’s Culture”, University of Florida.


Dusenberry, Lisa, PhD. “Interfacing Childhood: Texts Mediated for and through the ‘Child’,” University of Florida.

Greenspoon, David, PhD. “Children’s Mite: Juvenile Philanthropy in America, 1815-1865,” Pennsylvania State University.

Keebaugh, Cari. PhD. “’Into the Woods’: Intertextuality in Children’s and Young Adult Fantasy Texts,” University of Florida.

Martin, Linda. PhD. “The Professionalization of Storytelling,” University of Georgia.

Mayne, Michael. PhD. “Nostalgia and the Postwar American Social,” University of Florida.

Turk, Mariko. MA. “Alternative American Girl: Radical Readers, Hidden Things, and ‘Girl-Sized’ Views of History,” University of Florida.


Bhadury, Poushali. MA. “Read/View/Play: Metatextuality across Media in the Neverending Story and the Inkworld Trilogy,” University of Florida.

Caponegro, Ramona. PhD. “Perpetuating Justice: Representations of the Legal System in Children’s and Young Adult Literature,” University of Florida.

Dunn, Tarah. MA. “Where the Boys Become Men, and the Girls Never Change: The Bildungsroman and the Entwicklungsroman in Popular Young Adult  Latina/o and Chicana/o Genre Literature,” University of Florida.

Fitzzsimmons, Rebekah, MA. “Children’s Literature and the Tastemakers: Canonicity, Cultural Distinction, and the Harry Potter Effect in Bestseller Lists,” University of Florida.

Hunter, Leeann. PhD. “Bankruptcy’s Daughters: The Economics of the New Daughter in Victorian Literature,” University of Florida.

Martin, Cathlena. PhD. “Charlotte’s Web Site: The Convergence Culture of Children’s Print and Digital Literature,” University of Florida.

Talbot, Aaron. PhD. “Peculiar Information, Partic’lar Friends: How American Literature and Culture Know Horatio Alger, Jr.,” University of Florida


Sinn, Julie. PhD. “Golden Mean: Commercial Culture, Middle-Class Ideals, and the Little Golden Books,” University of Florida.

Leroy, Megan. MA. “Writing the Mean: Phyllis McGinley and American Domesticity,” University of Florida.


Dusenberry, Lisa K. MA. “Playing Adolescent: ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ & the Subject of Participatory Media,” University of Florida.

Keebaugh, Cari J. MA. “Quoth the Raven, ‘Eat my Shorts’: Adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe in YA Culture,” University of Florida.

Kitchen, Deeb. MA. “Little Golden Feathers,” University of Florida.

Schlein, Angela D. MA. “Privilege and Idealism in Salinger and Knowles’s Modern American Prep School Stories,” University of Florida.


Burstrem, Jessica. MA. “Monster Mothers: Feminist Approaches to Mothering Sons,” University of Florida.

Caponegro, Ramona A. MA. “Prisoners of Innocence: American Justice, Children, and Children’s Books, 1865-1920,” University of Florida.

Nicks, Robin J.G. PhD. “Fairy Tales and Necrophilia: A New Cultural Context for Antebellum American,” University of Florida.


Love, Thomas, J. MA. “Disturbing the Genre: Evaluation Power Structures in Y.A. Literature and Charting New Possibilities with Push,” University of Florida.


Martin, Cathlena A. MA. “Breaking Narrative Bounds: The Use of Multiple Visual Narratives in Caldecott Medal Award Books,” University of Florida.

Norcia, Megan A. PhD. “X Marks the Spot: Victorian Women Writers Map the Empire,” University of Florida.

Roy, Malini. MA. “Godwin’s Politics of Progress,” University of Florida.


Houp, Trena R. MA. “There and Back Again: A Brief Survey of Wordless Picturebooks,” University of Florida.

Johnson, Kim A. MA. “The Burden of Proof: Authenticity and Authorship in Children’s Literature,” University of Florida.

Standridge, Brinly L. MA. “A Psychoanalytic Reading of Picture Book Dynamics: Adam Phillips’s Theories of Desire On A Temporality of Image, Text, and Closure in Fantasy,” University of Florida.


Lambert, Cornelia C. MA. “The Child and the Bee: Natural Theology and Insect Science in Children’s Literature, 1825-1885,” University of Florida.