Catalog Search Tips


When you are searching the online catalog and wish to limit your search results to materials that are held in the Baldwin Library, choose ‘keyword anywhere’ from the pull-down menu on the basic search screen and include the term ‘bldn’ along with other keywords.

For example: At the “Basic Search” screen, select search type KEYWORD ANYWHERE and type in: Cinderella bldn

This will bring up only those Cinderella titles which are located in the Baldwin Library, excluding those which are in other University of Florida Libraries.

Although the Baldwin Library has the most extensive collection of children’s books in the University of Florida Libraries, the Education Library, Norman Hall, and Mead Library at P.K. Yonge Lab School offer smaller collections of more recent children’s literature and the general collections of Library West have approximately 5,000 children’s books, primarily from the last 50 years. Books at these other libraries may be checked out if you have University of Florida Library privileges.


All books in the Baldwin Library have a date code that can be used to search for books by date of publication. To find books held by the Baldwin Library that were published in 1880, for example, choose SUBJECT from the Browse Organized Lists left hand pull down menu. Type into the search box: bldn–1880. This will bring up a list of dates beginning with 1879., click through to see the titles listed.


There are a number of specialized thesauri that contain terms that have been used in Baldwin Library cataloging. In cataloging a subject heading indicates what an item is ABOUT, not what it IS. Therefore, a regular subject heading “Fairy tales” would indicate that the book is ABOUT fairy tales, not that the item IS a fairy tale. The Baldwin Library utilizes these thesauri, as well as locally established genre terms which are appropriate to historical children’s literature collections. An example of a locally established genre term is “Family stories.” The locally established terms are searched the same way as those terms from specialized thesauri.

There are two ways to search by genre term in the UF online catalog. First, choose SUBJECT from the pull-down menu on the basic search screen and type in one of the genre terms from the list below. This will pull up all books from all UF libraries which conform to this genre term.

For example:  ‘Alphabet books’ will pull up all books in UF Libraries which have been given the genre term heading ‘Alphabet books’.

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